What time does Megan Jewellery website operates?

Megan Jewellery website operates 24 hours 7 days. However, we have Customer & Affiliate Service (CAS) officer to serve you from 9AM- 9PM at our messenger.

What payment options does Megan Jewellery’s website support?

Megan Jewellery website is supported by 2 payment gateways: 

  1. Bank Transfer [No Processing Fees]
  2. Pulze Pay [Processing Fees Being Charged]
    • Online Banking
    • GrabPay
    • Boost
    • Credit / Debit Cards 
    • Installment Plan (Only for those who using CIMB Credit Card)
    • Touch n Go
    • Shopee Pay
    • Maybank QR

If I make payment using PulzePay, how long should I expect the payment to be processed and receive update about my order shipping?

Megan Jewellery will take 10 working days to verify the payment and order shipment will usually be proceeded the following working day. In general, all order will take 5-20 working days to process and deliver.

Can I request an additional paper bag for my order purchased?

Unfortunately, one order will have one paper bag only.

Can I request to insert hardcopy invoice to my order?

We go paperless in order to rely on digitized documents instead. Thus, you may find your invoice in your email or order dashboard.

Can I walk in to Megan Jewellery store and make purchase?

Megan Jewellery is an online jewellery store where you can buy our product(s) at our website at

Can I lock jewellery that I wish to purchase from Megan Jewellery website?

Unfortunately, Megan Jewellery does not allow locking of jewellery. You must make your purchase after you have added the item(s) into your cart. All Megan Jewellery orders are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Can I cancel my order?

Order that has paid successfully cannot be canceled.

What purity of gold jewellery Megan is selling?

Megan Jewellery is currently selling 999.9 and 916 gold jewellery.

How to Measure Ring Size/Bangle Size?

English version / Malay version

Do Megan Jewellery sell pre-used jewellery?

No, Megan Jewellery sells new and ready stock item in the website only.

Megan Jewellery accepts trade in?

Yes, you may contact us in messenger to ask for trade in service.

Can I bargain for a special price with Megan Jewellery?

Unfortunately, all prices are fixed in our website.

Can I suggest Megan Jewellery to restock some high demand products?

Sure, we welcome your suggestion on products anytime. You may share those photos to our Customer & Affiliate Service (CAS) officers. Megan Jewellery’s related department will aware your kind suggestion.

What is the price currency displayed in Megan Jewellery website?

All products price currency are in Ringgit Malaysia (RM).

Does the price of gold per gram today include labour cost?

No, the price of gold per gram today does not include labour cost.

Does the product price on the website includes labour cost?

Yes, the product price which shown in the website has finalized with labour cost.

How to search specific product on website?

Try out the filter and search function on our website as they are very useful and will ease your time to find size, price etc.

Why products that are light weight needed to handle with care?

Products that are light weight, especially those which are below 5g can easily be dented and broken. You must bear and wear at your own risk.

How to determine the weight for product with stone, pearls, enamel or etc.?

Jewelleries that contain stones, pearls or enamel affixed are weighted entirely and charged for the price of gold.


There will be no separate weights information to be given for stones, pearls, or enamel.

Does Megan’s jewellery contain steel?

Certain products such as bangle or earrings may contain very light weight of steel (0.01g+/-) specifically to create spring such as lobster hook, spring earrings etc.

How many days do Megan Jewellery takes to deliver order purchased?

Order processing and delivering time may range from 5 to 20 working days, depending on the nature of your order to be shipped to (Semenanjung Malaysia or Sabah & Sarawak), the logistics partner, and when your order was picked up by them. This calculation excludes public holidays and the logistics partner’s non-working days.

What are the standard postage fees?

RM15  RM30

With additional item purchased in each order, RM3 of delivery fee will be added subsequently.
For example: 1 Order with 3 items purchased.

RM15 + RM3 + RM3 = RM21 RM30 + RM3 + RM3 = RM36

Do Megan Jewellery includes insurance for all order shipping?

Yes, insurance covered only the path from shipping location to delivery location.

Can we combine two orders into one parcel or split one order into two deliveries after purchases have been made online?

Unfortunately, no combining or splitting delivery can be done for all orders.

What happen when you have placed your order but realize you need to make some amendments to your order details?

Unfortunately, changes are no longer possible once you have completed checkout. However, we recommend you contact the delivery partner once you have received your tracking number via email.  

Can Megan Jewellery updates us the delivery status?

You may track your delivery status after we send you the tracking number to your email or your order dashboard.

Why the tracking number that I received is not working after Megan Jewellery send to me?

There are a few reasons why the tracking number for your order is not working: 

  1. The tracking number has not been updated on the logistics partner’s tracking website yet
  2. A system error has occurred on the logistics partner’s tracking website
  3. The logistic partner has provided the wrong tracking number

When this happens, you may reach out to Customer & Affiliate Service (CAS) directly via Facebook Messenger to enquire further about the order status. 

Do Megan Jewellery provides COD service?

No, all payment has to be done in Megan Jewellery website using FPX or debit/credit card payment. Once payment is made successfully, we will ship your order.

Can I request to make sure your delivery air way bill description does not state that this is a jewellery parcel?

No worries, air way bill delivery description will not have the word jewellery stated.

Do I have to pay another time of shipping fee if I miss to accept my order parcel and the parcel has returned to Megan Jewellery again?

If the parcel has send back to Megan Jewellery, you will have to pay another trip of delivery fee in order for us to ship back your order again. Kindly contact Customer & Affiliate Service (CAS) officer to request the reshipment.

Can I request to hold or postpone my order shipment?

Unfortunately, we do not provide special service to hold or postpone your order. All orders will be shipped accordingly.

Can Megan Jewellery ships orders internationally?

Unfortunately, Megan Jewellery handles orders from Malaysia’s customers only.

How do I ensure product(s) I have purchased safely arrive without being unbox by any others?

All jewelleries ship to customer will have a void sticker on the jewellery box. If you receive product with void sticker being opened, you shall report to Customer & Affiliate Service (CAS) at Messenger Megan Jewellery for further action.

What is the requirement to do an order return?

Customer who wish to return the item(s) purchased, he/she shall do within 7 days from the day of purchase. The return request has to be investigated through messaging to our Customer & Affiliate Service (CAS) officer and approved by operation manager before sending back to Megan Jewellery. For more information, kindly check out our return policy.

How to join agent program of Megan Jewellery?

Please click here to find out how to join our Megan Affiliate Program. Click

How do I make sure I am buying jewellery from Megan Jewellery official agent?

Megan Jewellery’s official agent will have affiliate link for customer(s) to make jewellery purchase. To be specific, they will share their referral link for you to make purchase. “XXX” is indicating our agent’s ID number.

Can I get assistance if I have encountered issues in my sales process after joining Megan Affiliate Program?

Yes, you can get help from Customer & Affiliate Service (CAS) officer in our messenger.  

Can I apply membership with Megan Jewellery?

Megan Jewellery does not have membership service but you can join our Affiliate Program to enjoy more benefits.

Where can I get special promotion deals from Megan Jewellery?

You can find out latest promotion activities on our website and official social media.

Do Megan Jewellery provide any free gift?

No, Megan Jewellery does not provide free gift. However, you may stay tune to our promotion activities which will been carried out monthly. These deals allow you to entitle gift or discount for any order only if purchase requirements are fulfilled.

Can I entitle refund if I have used a coupon code to make my purchase?

Unfortunately, all orders made with use of coupon code are not allow for return and refund.

How do I unsubscribe from Megan Jewellery’s newsletters?

To unsubscribe from Megan Jewellery’s newsletters, go to your email > click on Megan Jewellery’s Newsletter email > Scroll down > Click “unsubscribe from this list” > Tick your reason of unsubscribe > Submit  



Unsubscribing from Megan Jewellery’s newsletters means you will no longer receive the latest updates on campaigns and events from Megan Jewellery via email. Megan Jewellery sends newsletters regularly to keep you updated on the best deals. 

Can I ask for extra service to write a thank you card for my order?

Unfortunately, we do not provide extra service to write thank you card.

Megan Jewellery provides any repairing service or accept customization order?

Unfortunately, Megan Jewellery does not provide repairing service or accept customization order. If your jewellery requires further repairing service, you may visit jewellery shop nearby to have it fixed. We recommend this because you can communicate your repair requirements better with the gold smith.

If the product which I wish to purchase is in different size, can Megan Jewellery resizes it for me?

Unfortunately, Megan Jewellery does not provide resize service.

Can I change my username?

All Megan Jewellery users cannot change their username.

Do I need to verify my account after register a user account?

Yes, you need to verify your account to continue log in to Megan Jewellery’s website.

What should I do if I lost my password?

You can click “Lost My Password” at the log in page. Password reset link will be sent to your email.

Can I change my email?

Yes, you can change your email on your account details setting once you log in to Megan Jewellery Website. You may click here to change it.

Can I update my billing address & shipping address for future purchase?

All address details are pre-saved in your account, you can change your address on your account details setting if . You may click here

Can I reload e-Wallet on Megan Jewellery website?

Megan Jewellery e-Wallet cannot be reloaded. Megan Jewellery uses the e -Wallet for the purpose of handling refund cases and trade in transactions.

How to complete the balance payment of my order if Megan Jewellery e-Wallet credit is not enough?

Payment process can be completed whereby balance payment has to be made using Bank Transfer or Pulze Pay.

Does the money in Megan Jewellery e-Wallet can be transferred into cash?

Unfortunately, you will need to spend the money from Megan Jewellery e-Wallet to purchase any product from the website. 

If I have been temporarily locked out by Megan Jewellery website and what should I do?

There are a few methods troubleshooting this issue: 

  1. Troubleshooting website issue 
    Method a. Clear your web browser cache and browsing history, then access the website in 1-2 hour(s).
    Method b. Try to use different web browsers (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc.)
    Method c. Try to update the latest browser version because there could be some updates happen on the website that does not supported by the old browser. 
  2. Troubleshooting connectivity issue
    Method a. Try to switch from Wi-fi to phone Data or the other way round after you clear your browsing history & cache.
    Method b. If you are connecting mobile data, ensure you have stable connection.
    Method c. If you are using internet Wi-fi, restart your modem or router to refresh the internet connection. 
  3. Troubleshooting device issue
    Method a. Try to restart your device again after you clear your browsing history & cache.
    Method b. Close all running applications in your device. 

Why did my login attempt fail?

There are several reasons you may not be able to log in to Megan Jewellery website.  

  1. System limitations towards multiple attempt to login
    This is to prevent unauthorized i.e. hackers access to your account.
  2. Permanent suspension
    We may permanently suspend users account who have violated Megan Jewellery policies. Such users may not be able to access due to security reasons.

How to avoid scam for account safety?

There are the methods we suggest. 

  1. Keep all transactions within Megan Jewellery website
    ( or affiliate link by our official affiliates ( XXX is our affiliate/agent’s ID number.
  2. Looking out for suspicious message
    Poor spelling or grammar or link that request sensitive information such as your password or one-time password (OTP) are sign of scam.

  3. Practice good password changing habit
    Change your account password regularly and avoid same password in different platforms.

Are there any available vacancy in Megan Jewellery?

If you are passionate about jewellery & up to the challenge for a fast-paced yet exciting learning environment, you might just be the one we are looking for! Kindly submit your resume to

How to provide feedback to Megan Jewellery?

We gratefully appreciate all feedbacks, and it will be more helpful if you could provide more details as much as possible. Kindly send them to our Customer & Affiliate Service (CAS) officer at the Messenger of Megan Jewellery. We love to see your positive review on our social media channels or other platforms, do show us your experience of purchase.