Affiliate FAQ

You have any questions, we give you the answer.

General Inquiries

What is the function of Affiliate Link?

Affiliate link is a URL that contains the builder’s ID to enable all sales converted to be recorded in your affiliate dashboard. For those who purchase without using the affiliate link, the commission will not be entitled.

When will affiliate link be activated?

Affiliate link will be activated once all registration requirements are fulfilled. Usually, it will take 7-10 working days.

Where can I check my sales commission?

You can find your sales commission HERE

Can I make purchase without using the affiliate link?

No, it is compulsory to use an affiliate link to make all orders to entitle your sales commission.

Can I recruit new Builder and under my name if I’m still not a leader?

No, you can only recruit a new Builder under your group when you are a Leader. However, you will still entitle the RM50 for every new Builder you refer to Megan Jewellery.

What is the differences between Affiliate Dashboard and Order Dashboard?

Affiliate Dashboard
• Affiliate Dashboard provides details of your personal sales performance.
• Once sales are converted using your affiliate link, you shall counter-check with your affiliate dashboard immediately. If your commission did not reveal in your dashboard, please contact customer and affiliate service in our messenger.
Order Dashboard
• Order dashboard reveals order which has been placed by you yourself. You can track all your order details and shipping details from here.

Conditions Affiliate Dashboard Order Dashboard
You You Customer
Customer places order using your affiliate link
You place an order using your affiliate link

Where can I find Order Dashboard?

You can click HERE

Can I get notification when I receive a new commission?

Yes, you can enable the notification setting by clicking HERE

I need to change my bank details. What should I do?

Please contact customer & affiliate service and provide new information by clicking HERE

• Email
• Affiliate ID
• New Bank Account
• New Bank

Can I change my account’s billing address?

Yes, you can change the billing information by clicking HERE

Can I change my account’s shipping address?

Yes, you can change the shipping information by clicking HERE

Can I share my account details for my customer to make order?

No, you shall NOT share your account detail. You will only need to share your affiliate link for the customer to make their order.

What if customer do not have internet banking, can we help customer to make purchase?

You can help a customer to make a purchase, however, you will have to bare all responsibility because that assistance provided is between you and your customer.

Can I add special label on Megan Jewellery Packaging?

No, you are NOT allowed to rebrand Megan Jewellery.

Can my customers make return and refund after using the promotion code or getting gift from marketing activity?

No, your customers are not allowed to make returns and refunds. However, all marketing activities have specific terms and conditions, you will have to refer them to be more specific from Facebook.

Can I request not to ship invoice to my customer if I’m helping them to make order?

Invoice will only be emailed in softcopy to the email address provided from the billing information when the order is made.

Can I request special thank you card for my customer during certain occasion after order has been made?

We are so sorry, we do not have this special service.

Where can I get help if I have encounter problems?

We have a customer and affiliate service officer assisting you 7 days from 9 AM-9 PM. Please click HERE

I forgot my Affiliate Link. How should I get it?

You can get your link again by clicking HERE

What if Affiliate Link does not work?

You can get the correct link by clicking HERE

When will I receive our sales commission?

Sales commission is paid monthly. We will disburse your sales commission for that month during 7 working days of the following month. Please take note banks will take a few working days to process the money transferring. You may encounter extending days to receive your commission in your bank account.

Why I always reminded to check my affiliate dashboard constantly after completing a sale?

This is very important to make sure your commission is being recorded in your affiliate dashboard.

Do you have a commission statement for us?

You can find your commission list HERE

Can I get a better understanding of affiliate dashboard?

Yes, click HERE

Where can I find Affiliate Dashboard?

You can click HERE

Can I claim my sales order which I have missed using my affiliate link?

Please contact our customer and affiliate service for this request by clicking HERE

Can we promote Megan Jewellery products and meanwhile other company’s products as well?

We do not restrict your flexibility to promote others’ products. However, if we found your promoting method causes negativity and harmful impact on our brand, you may be ceased to join Megan Jewellery Affiliate Program.

Can I amend my account and password?

Yes, you can change your account information by clicking HERE

What if customers do not know how to make purchase online?

You can guide them to access your affiliate link meanwhile sending them our tutorial video to let them purchase by themselves. Click HERE

Do you have special target for us to hit?

Yes, we do have quarter challenges for all Builders and Leaders to join. Once you reach a certain target, you will entitle amazing prizes.

What if my affiliate link website turn blank?

You can refresh the browser and restart your phone again to try your affiliate link website.

Can I help my customer to change the shipping information?

Shipping information CANNOT be amended once the customer receives the shipment tracking link from an email. You can contact our delivery partner for assistance. If your customer has not received any shipment tracking link from an email. You shall inform customer & affiliate service immediately by clicking HERE

How can I trace my customer’s shipment?

Your customer’s tracking link will be sent to the email address provided from the billing information when the order is made

Can I request extra free gift for my customer who make purchase from me?

You can join our marketing activity which we organized monthly to get a gift or special discount deals once requirements for that promotion activity are fulfilled.

Do we entitle sales commission for promoting product of Megan Jewellery inside e-commerce marketplaces i.e. Lazada, Shopee, Zalora etc.?

No, you will NOT entitle any commission if convert any sale inside e-commerce marketplaces. You only entitle to commission if sales converted using your affiliate link of Megan Jewellery website only.